Due to the large number of fixtures being submitted for evaluation, we have developed a minimum set of requirements for all new LED streetlights. These requirements must be met before we can accept the equipment into our program - see the forms below for more information.

The Bureau would strongly encourage any company to participate in this project as the City of Los Angeles transitions into 21st Century lighting technologies.


LED Fixtures - Currently Utilized for Citywide Cobrahead Replacement Program
LED Fixtures - Currently Utilized for Citywide Non-Cobrahead Replacement Program

LED Equipment Evaluation Procedures
Minimum Requirements for Testing and Evaluation of LED Equipment
LED program summary
LED program test sites
Applications for evaluation of LED units
LED technology - notice to designers and contractors
Remote Monitoring Units - Testing and Evaluation Process
LED Evaluation

If your company is interested in this LED fixture demonstration you may request to be contacted by the Bureau of Street Lighting by completing this form.

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