Street Lighting Mobile Apps
lalights Download the LA Lights App


Citizens of the City of Los Angeles can now report problems with street lights easily and quickly from their smartphones.
By downloading and using the LA Lights app (available for iPhone and Android devices), it is just a matter of a few taps on the smartphone to report problems directly to the Bureau of Street Lighting for quick resolution.
There are two ways to report problems using the LA Lights app:
1) Using the device's location, or screen1
2) By searching for a city address or intersection screen2
Once the streetlights are visible, tap on a problem streetlight and click on the exclamation button (the round yellow circle with an exclamation point next to the light ID) to open the Select Problem form.
Here, pick a problem type from the list, optionally take a photo, and tap the Submit Problem button. screen4
You can add your comments in the body of the message and tap the Send button to complete your report.

You will get a confirmation alert that your email was sent.
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