The LED Streetlight Replacement Program has replaced over 140,000 existing streetlight fixtures in the city with LED units over a four year period.

The expected savings of the new lights has exceed the initial program goals. Energy use has been reduced by 63.1 percent and carbon emissions have been reduced by 47,583 metric tons a year.

This proposal has generated savings in energy and maintenance costs that will pay for the estimated loan amount in seven years with no adverse impact to the General Fund.

The importance of the LED Conversion Program cannot be overstated. It is a shining example of how green technology can be both environmentally responsible and cost effective.

With the LED program, we have transformed the night landscape of the City of Los Angeles, made our city safer and pedestrian friendly at night, and have exceeded our initial program goals on both energy efficiency and CO2 reductions.

Angelinos have embraced the new white LED Light, as we have received many positive comments from citizens, community groups, the Los Angeles Police Department and even the Dark Skies Association for the reduced sky glow at night, reduced light pollution and trespass.

We have gained national and international acclaim by leading the way with our LED program which has become a model program and example for a lot of cities as we continue to get recognition and inquiries from municipalities and utilities around the world.