The requesting utility company shall submit the following (Incomplete submittals shall be returned unprocessed) addressed to:

1149 South Broadway, Suite 200 Los Angeles, CA 90015 Attention: Spencer Brunetto

- An encroachment request letter:
  1. Explain why the utility company requires to encroach within the Bureau's 4-foot easement.
  2. Note whether any street lighting facilities (electroliers, foundations, pullboxes, conduit runs) exist in the area of encroachment. Existing street lighting installation plan(s), if any.
  3. This information may be obtained from The Bureau of Street Lighting Records Counter, 1149 South Broadway, 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90015

- Three copies of utility plot plan, site plan, or engineering plan detailing all of the following:
  1. Street names, cross streets, property lines, north arrow, and scale of plan.
  2. Limits of the encroachment.
  3. Depth of cover of any proposed substructure installed within the encroachment limits.
  4. Size, depth, and/or profile of any proposed utility vault and/or foundation installed within the encroachment limits.
  5. Location of utility as offset from property lines, and/or street center lines, including that of cross streets.
  6. Existing street lighting facilities (electroliers, foundations, pullboxes, conduit runs), if any.
  7. Existing substructures within the vicinity of the encroachment.
  8. Existing curbline.
  9. Street Lighting Notes To The Contractor (see Attachment "A").
  10. Street Lighting approval signature block (see Attachment "B").
  11. Company title block (plan must be prepared by the applicant).
- A check of $350 payable to "City of Los Angeles" or $500 for expedition.

Please contact Spencer Brunetto at (213) 847-1456, if you require additional information. For questions regarding the installation of telecommunications equipment, please contact Eddie Chavez, Division Manager – Community Services Division, at (213) 847-1432.